Book Review – Supertato


Supertato is a typical 26cm x 26cm square picture book and has the standard 32 pages (or 36 if you include the cover sheets). The page layouts vary between full-page spreads, single page images and split pages with two or three images per page. The layout is random and each pair of pages tends to be different to the pair before, creating a dynamic and interesting reading experience.


Supertato is a very witty and cleverly written book. It uses lots of play on words and amuses throughout. The characters are likeable and well realised in the text (the Evil Pea, the long-suffering villain, is definitely my favourite). The backing characters also have their fair share of well-written one-liners, especially one comment about the flavour of the jelly near the end. Supertato maintains an exciting, fast pace and keeps the reader entertained throughout.


The illustrations are bright and colourful and each panel is well designed. The design of the characters is simple and effective and perfect for a children’s picture book. Admittedly I am not a big fan of the ‘rough edge’ on the outline of the characters, but that’s just a personal preference. The backgrounds are also well illustrated and you never forget that the story is based in a supermarket. The illustrations contain a variety of perspectives and angles that keep the book exciting and dramatic.


The jokes are genuinely funny, and I quite possibly enjoy reading Supertato even more than my boys do. The characters are very fun to create voices for, and I have now got set voices that I use every time I read it! Supertato is a favourite in our household, and the fact that we buy every sequel is a testament to its popularity! A highly recommended read.

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